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Open Trial Games 

Our open trial games provide aspiring players with an immersive and competitive environment to showcase their abilities. These high-stakes matches offer a platform for players to demonstrate their skills, impress coaches, and secure a spot in our prestigious academy.

                             Ages 9-18

Next Open Date Trial:  Friday 28th July

Location: Denefield School, Reading,  RG31 6XY

Capacity per age group: 18 (U9-U12) 22 (U13-U16)

        1-2-1 Training Sessions

Our 1-2-1 coaching sessions offer personalized attention and focused training to help players reach their full potential. With individualized guidance from our experienced coaches, players can refine their skills, address specific areas for improvement, and accelerate their development in a supportive and tailored environment.


                                  ALL AGES

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